The UK Creation Mega Conference

I do not think it is possible to say just how good a time we had at the UK Creation Mega Conference.

Ken Ham opened the conference with a masterful presentation that laid out so clearly the challenge and the of Evolution and just why we as the church must stand on the first eleven chapters of Genesis. This was a masterful presentation that was SO clear and well argued. 

I total there were around 15 hours of teaching covering creation in evangelism, Coconino Sandstone and the Grand Canyon, (an amazing talk by Paul Garner on how the popular view of this sandstone is just not based on science). There was a fantastic exposition of Genesis chapter one by Brian Edwards, a talk on “When Snakes Had Legs” by John Mackay and on the uniquenesss of Man by Stuart Bergess.

The next Uk Creation MEGA Conference with be next year in Belfast. Be there!

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