New direction for Bible Matters?

After a long time neglecting the Bible Matters website, and concentrating on training events, we are now seeking the Lord’s leading for the future of our ministry.  Should Bible Matters now be just a podcast and blog, rather than concentrating on going out to churches teaching evangelism?

As the invitations to go to churches to teach evangelism have dried up, that bit is an answer in itself.  So What is next? We are seeking God about this. 

We are having a great time teaching the Bible to a new convert. It is so refreshing to see the Bible through the eyes of someone who knows NOTHING about the Bible. But we feel we should be doing more.

Increasingly I am aware that I know more about what is going on in America than I do about events here in the UK. That is not because I only listen to American news programmes, but because I only listen to mainstream UK news but alternative American news.

Where is the behind the scenes, alternative, Bible based, Christian news for the UK? I do not know any. Do you? Please let me know in the comments if you do. 

I listen to Trunews and the Hagmann & Hagmann Report, most days as I mop floors, clean toilets etc. at work, but where is the UK version?

Should the Bible Matters Podcast start to try to fill this gap? Should we be working to expose events behind the news and to look at how current events might fit in with Bible prophecy?

Please pray with me about this 

One thought on “New direction for Bible Matters?

  1. Have much enjoyed your podcasts, though they must be some work to put together for you. Will continue to pray for His leading in your life and for your time discipling others. God bless you and your family.


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