The tyranny of, “Judge not.”

I was recently surprised, by the suggestion of a local church leader, that it is wrong for us to judge people. He said of a particular new church leader, “We must respect her,” (because of her office), and “I do not want her judged.” He then went on to generalise that we must not judge anyone.


As is my normal practice, I did not enter into debate or argument on the spot, but could not reconcile this ‘judge not’ teaching with my reading of the Bible. I believe that the Church, and our whole society, is under a bondage to the false doctrine that, ‘It is wrong to judge anyone, ever.’

In the church, if you question a doctrine, teaching, or practice, you are...

Weeping Vicar Of Baghdad!

Exclusive interview by Rick Wiles and the broken and weeping Canon Andrew White, pastor of St. George’s Anglican Church in Iraq. Most of his congregation is missing. The remaining members of the flock and Canon White are hiding from Islamic jihadists who are beheading and crucifying Christians who refuse to renounce Jesus Christ and worship Allah.

Real Manhood Roundtable

Hosted by Dan Duval in conversation with Coach Dave Daubenmire and Jim Ramos.

Get ready for fireworks as Dan Duval, Coach Dave and Jim Ramos talk to men in this epic roundtable. They address issues such as integrity, stress, and the feminization of the church. They also speak about leadership and talk about why men are not being challenged as they should be. Don’t miss this program.