The UK Creation Mega Conference

I do not think it is possible to say just how good a time we had at the UK Creation Mega Conference.Ken Ham opened the conference with a masterful presentation that laid out so clearly the challenge and the of Evolution and just why we as the church must stand on the first eleven chapters … Continue reading The UK Creation Mega Conference

Weeping Vicar Of Baghdad!

Exclusive interview by Rick Wiles and the broken and weeping Canon Andrew White, pastor of St. George’s Anglican Church in Iraq. Most of his congregation is missing. The remaining members of the flock and Canon White are hiding from Islamic jihadists who are beheading and crucifying Christians who refuse to renounce Jesus Christ and worship Allah.

Real Manhood Roundtable

Hosted by Dan Duval in conversation with Coach Dave Daubenmire and Jim Ramos.

Get ready for fireworks as Dan Duval, Coach Dave and Jim Ramos talk to men in this epic roundtable. They address issues such as integrity, stress, and the feminization of the church. They also speak about leadership and talk about why men are not being challenged as they should be. Don’t miss this program.

Jaws Without Teeth

This week, Living Waters Europe are promoting, "Jaws Without Teeth."

This book answers more than 200 questions and objections with short, common-sense responses to help you when speaking to those who embrace the foolishness of atheism and the unscientific and unobservable blind faith of evolution.

Manchester Furnished and Arking About 2014

Last Friday, (13th June 2014), I loaded up the car with tracts, book, DVDs, microphones, cables... and a six foot oo scale model of Noah's Ark, and set off to Manchester. I had been invited to make a second visit to Goodnews Assemblies of God Church, Manchester to run a second Furnished evangelism training event. 

As I was traveling so far, pastor Geoffrey asked me to add another seminar that I could teach on the Sunday. 

Another move towards the Bible being illegal!

Attleborough Baptist Church, Norfolk put a poster on their notice board. The poster which has an image of burning flames in its bottom quarter and the words, 'If you think there is no God you'd better be right!!' across top three quarters. 

The poster does not judge or denigrate unbelievers. Instead it gives a warning. "You'd better be right!!" Is it not true? Is it not carrying?